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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions.


1 - Install "WINe Cellar"

After downloading "" you must open it and double click on "setup.exe". The installation is classic and offers no particular difficulty.

The installer will ask you the installation language and where to put the software. The installation language has nothing to do with the software language.

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2 - Trying version limits

There is no limit during a month. After, you will not record more wines.

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3 - How to register the software for unlimited use?

Just buy it! To do this, click the menu "PURCHASE" on a Web page of "WINe Cellar". Depending on the payment you will click on either "Buy" button to pay by card or a Paypal account or you can click on "Order" to obtain an order form to pay by money order, bank transfer ... (at your own cost.)

You will receive 24 hours by e-mail program to unlock the software. In the case of the CD ROM, it will be shipped within 72 hours. Do not forget the delivery time of The Post office.

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4 - Which languages are available?

Today, there are 8: French, Spanish (Castilian), English and with automatic translation by Google, German, Dutch, Potuguese, Italian and Catalan. To add more, I need help: if you want to make a translation, copy an existing ".lang" file, translate it and call it the name of the new language (in English). Next send me a copy to verify it (the structure) and to put it for download in this site. When I'll have new translations I'll make a new specific Web page for download.

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5 - "Languages" files structure.

Text format like ".ini" Windows files.

Texts are stored by window and consist of: (not for [Lang])

- a 4 digits code unic that correspond to a text

- a 3 characters code wich can be:

btn = button

lab = label text

mes = message

mnu = menu text

tip = tooltip text

tit = title (of a line, a column...)

boo = boolean (-1 = True, 0 = False)

- a sign "="

- the text between facultatives double quotes unless you need spaces before or after the text. The & allows to underline the next character to access it with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + character)

The relation between this file and the program is made on a key consisting on the 7 first charaters. So you need not to add more text except missing one without program update. An unic text correspond to the first 4 digits code.

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6 - Why 4 prices?

The lowest price if you download yourself all the software files and to receive an unlock program.

The second is if you download all software files and with all the free updates.

The third price to receive the software on CD ROM individualized and manual printed.

The highest to receive in addition to the CD ROM and manual all free updates.

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7 - Free updates.

For now I'm not mailing for updates. In the software, you can know if an update exists and even download it. You test for a month and if it suits you, send me an email to that effect and you will receive an unlock program.

From version 7.10 unlock is automatic.

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8 - Secure transaction with Credit Card.

We must be very careful when making online payments. So I chose a completely independent and international intermediary who don't inform element bank about you. This is PayPal. By this means, you can pay with your credit card or your PayPal account without any risk. Apart from the necessary elements for the order, I don't know any information about you. Compare with payment by check or wire transfer in which your supplier is aware of your bank, agency, account number...

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