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General Sale Conditions


Being a private individual, the following GTCS have nothing to see with those of a company drafted by a group of lawyers.

You are entitled to a simple reminder of the guarantees and limits of use of the software.


Total for support by exchange support, total in the event of non-operation. None for accounting or commercial use. If you encounter a problem (a real bug!), contact me and I will do what it takes to correct it and possibly rectify your data file. However, no guarantee is given if an action external to the program has taken place (virus, failure, accidental erasure of data ...). Being the first user of the program, I guarantee the follow-up of the product. I guarantee on the other hand, not to have put any dangerous or destructive data code, the only protection consists in: encryption and recording of your name and address in the program.

You can call me for any problem regarding the software, evenings or weekends. This "Hot Line" is not limited as long as there is no hype. Even if you are in a situation not covered by the warranty, you can contact me and I will be happy to help you.


This software cannot be used on more than one workstation at the same time and by different people unless the corresponding licenses are paid. The licensee can install it on several workstations if they are alone using it, or on a single workstation (that of the holder) for several users. By workstation is meant microcomputer or terminal, network installation being reserved for holders of several licenses.
Only backup or backup for data security reasons is allowed.

Any deviation must be confirmed in writing by the author, the sole owner of the software.


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