Tracker II

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions.


1 - Install "Tracker II"

Download the manual, it is quite clear.

After downloading "" you must open it and double click on "setup.exe". The installation is classic and offers no particular difficulty.

The installer will ask you the installation language and where to put the software. The installation language is not software language.

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2 - Trying version limits

Apart deactivation of passwords, there is no limit for a month. After that, you can not create, modify protection.

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3 - How to register the software for unlimited use?

Just buy it! To do this, click the menu "PURCHASE" on a Web page of "Tracker II". Depending on the payment you will click on either "Buy" button to pay by card or a Paypal account or you can click on "Order" to obtain an order form to pay by money order, bank transfer ... (at your own cost.)
Do not forget the internal code (menu "?", "Registration").

You will receive within 24 hours by e-mail a key (Product ID) to unlock the software.

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4 - Which languages are available?

Today, there are 3: French, Spanish (Castilian) and English. To add more, I need help: if you want to make a translation, copy an existing ".lang" file, translate it and call it the name of the new language. Next send me a copy to verify it (the structure) and to put it for download in this site. When I'll have new translations I'll make a new specific Web page for download.

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5 - "Languages" files structure.

Text format like ".ini" Windows files.

Texts are stored by window and consist of: (not for [Lang])

- a 4 digits code unic that correspond to a text

- a 3 characters code wich can be:

btn = button

lab = label text

mes = message

mnu = menu text

tip = tooltip text

tit = title (of a line, a column...)

boo = boolean (-1 = True, 0 = False)

- a sign "="

- the text between facultatives double quotes unless you need spaces before or after the text. The & allows to underline the next character to access it with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + character)

The relation between this file and the program is made on a key consisting on the 7 first charaters. So you need not to add more text except missing one without program update. An unic text correspond to the first 4 digits code.

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6 - Constraints.

- Tracker II must be ran in "Administrator" mode.

- If you have Windows 7 SP1, use compatibility "Windows 7" if problems.

- You must have an Internet connection and an e-mail.

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7 - I get messages and my computer has not been stolen.

The principle of operation of the software is to send an email if the IP address has changed. So if you have unwanted message it is because your IP address has changed, or because you have a dynamic IP address, or you have changed your connection on a Hot Spot. If it is a change of address by dynamic configuration you must install a new protection. The change of the dynamic IP address is the "good will" of your ISP.

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8 - The photo is black.

Sometimes you have more than one Webcam found, and you did not select the good one. Try other. On some Asus system you can have 2 Webcams, one with "USB" and the other with "Virtual" in the name: select "Virtual".

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