Tracker II




Windows© Xp (32 or 64), Vista (32 or 64), Seven (32 or 64), Windows 8 (32 or 64)...
With Microsoft. Net Framework V4 or more (totaly running Windows Update ie an authentic Windows version).

Download .net framework 4  |  Download .net framework 4.5

Tracker II doesn't run under DOS or an OS in 16 bits.

Tracker II - Antitheft "Tracer" for PC.


Tracker : This software will provide you once set, the IP address assigned to it during a connection if it has changed and a photo taken by the Webcam. Software protection is never infallible and can not be guaranteed to be 100%, but this one has the advantage of being invisible and silent and just an Internet connection of the thief tells you where your computer is located by its IP address and a photo. You only have to inform the police. In fact the software "traces" the path to the new IP address and sends you the report. The IP address is of course the external IP address (see the site What is my IP? for more information on IP addresses and to know your).

Constraints and limits:

- First, don't install this software on your hard disk but on an external disk or USB pen, the shortcut can stay on Windows desktop.

- Do not trust too much on test version because control password is disabled. A test version can not uninstall a protection made by a registered version. But it uninstalls any protection implemented by itself or by another test version.

- Registered only on one PC.

- Depending on your installation, run "Tracker II" in Administrator mode. For users of Windows 7 SP1, use Compatibility mode "Windows 7" if you have problem.

- Especially Be sure to read all the messages sent by the software when setting and especially those related to passwords.

- do not let your USB or external disk "hanging" near your computer.

- You need an Internet connection, at least an email account and a webcam for photo.


ecran principal du logiciel

- Menus:

File: To change language and exit.

"?": Registration and "About..." windows.

     Registration provides you the code to send in the order form and fields to enter the Product Code got when purchase.

- Settings:

Sender Email address: the one from which you send your mail usually.

Password: of email address you entered before. Button "A" to see the password clear, "*" to hide it.

SMTP Server: that of your ISP, eg ", ...".

Port: Outlook use 25, Gmail 587.

SSL encryption: yes for Gmail, no for mine.

Send reports to: one or more email addresses semicolon separated. Don't use an address you can access directly on your computer, use adresses of friend, neighbour, family...

BCC: none, one or more email addresses semicolon separated with the same constraints then above.

Sending email: On every connection or on IP change.

Webcams: list of the webcams found on your system, only one is available. If the list is disabled it is because no Webcam was found otherwise you will select one. Laptops often have 2 Webcams in the list when there is only one physically, you can test them all, the only risk is to get a black picture. For Asus, choose one that has "Virtual" in the name if this happens. For HP, select "HP Webcam"...

Button "Verify installed protection": As it means, you'll send an email with installed configuration.

Button "Install": Install a protection with settings entered. This button will change to "Send test Email" to verify settings.

Button "Uninstall": to delete an implemented protection.

Button "Exit": To close the program.



You can use nine languages: French, English and Spanish on one hand and German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Basque from an automatic translation (by Google) on the other. If you need and if you can, its possible to add more taking existing files in example. If you add of modify files, please send me a copy to centralize them. Existing files are: "French.lang", "English.lang", "Spanish.lang", "German.lang", "Dutch.lang", "Portuguese.lang", "Italian.lang", "Catalan.lang" and "Basque.lang" in WINe Cellar directory, all are text files editable with programs like Notepad. If you need help to understand these files send me an email.

Download the trial version

You can download Tracker II software for free and try it during one month before purchase if you like it.

Buy Tracker II

  • - Internet or postal order

    You have downloaded the software, tested and decided to buy it. After payment you will receive an email with a Product ID you have to enter. Your software is now unlocked not only for acquired version but for all the "releases" of this version. That is, for example, that if the purchased version is, all updates are free for 2.nn.nn.nn but not for a 3.nn.nn.nn version.

Buy "Tracker II" to have a full use of the software. Buy Tracker II now and get a powerful protection and all the benefits of purchasing the software.